We wanted to harness the spirit of the ONLY girls and showcase brand’s strong product DNA. We wanted to interact directly with consumers, involving and enticing the audience to become an active part of the brand.

We also wanted to make it easy for the end consumer to buy, like, pin, tweet and drive more traffic to Only.com.


The creative solution was an online movie called The Liberation. It’s a movie that’s also an interactive shopping experience. With a simple click at any time, the film freezes. You can then click on every item of clothing worn by the characters, to browse, like, pin, tweet and buy.

The movie is about the spirit of rebellion and viewers are invited to interact with the action, moving the story forward. It’s a fashion catalogue, a movie, a game, a music video, and the world’s first on-demand video retail environment.


Within two weeks, we had over 280,000 unique visits. As the campaign spread to thousands of sites and blogs, there was a 442% increase on interaction with Only.com. The Liberation movie has since been viewed over 1 million times across more than 100 countries worldwide.